July 9, 2018

Unschooling And…The Future of Work

This episode describes how unschooling is the preferred education approach, not only to nurture our children's current interests, passions, and autonomy, but also to prepare them for the future of work.

In a world where the majority of children now entering elementary school will work in jobs that have yet to be invented--and when some of today's most in-demand careers and skillsets DID NOT EXIST five or 10 years ago--unschooling prepares young people for an ambigous, technology-fueled future by immersing them fully in the people, places, and things of the present.

Tomorrow's workers need to be able to distinguish themselves from robots. A standardized education only makes humans more similar to artificially intelligent machines. Unschooling creates the conditions to nurture children's natural curiosity, creativity, ingenuity, empathy, and entrepreneurship to set tomorrow's workers apart from their robot colleagues. 

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